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Miraco Nutripharm Community Outreach - Vaisakhi Health Mela 2021

Vaiskhi Health Mela 2021 Poster

Miraco Nutripharm has collaborated with Sewa Healthcare and Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA) to organise a health fair at the Central Sikh Temple. Other collaborators who were involved are Diabetes Singapore and the Central Sikh Gurdwara Board. It was an exciting event with the theme centred around ‘Arthritis’ to educate the public on the prevention and management of arthritis and falls.

There were also health talks conducted during the fair by Dr Gurpal Singh (Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mount Elizabeth Novena) and Ms Manprit Kaur (Occupational Therapist).

The topics were:

  • Arthritis & You: Symptoms & Treatment

  • Joint Prevention & Fall Prevention in Arthritis

Free healthcare screenings were provided by volunteer doctors and nurses which included measurements for height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and blood glucose.

There were various other booths to help promote both physical health and mental wellness to the patrons. At our booth, we presented on 4 of our health products related to the theme which are:

  • Ginflex – A 4-in-1 plant-based, optimised formula based on a long history of medicinal use and backed by modern clinical research for quick relief of joint pain and inflammation.

  • GS1 - Rare plant-based Glucosamine Sulphate supplement for healthy joints and cartilage, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Colecal - Convenient 2-in-1 health supplement containing Vitamin D3 and Calcium to help support overall well-being across people of all ages, especially elderly and women.

  • Muscalax® - Topical analgesic balm with well-established formula that helps to relieve muscular aches, arthritis and rheumatic pains, strains and sprains as well as chest cold congestion.

Since the majority of Sikhs are vegetarian, we presented on Ginflex and GS1 which are suitable for vegetarians and it was well-received. We took into consideration their diets to provide them with the most suitable supplemental options. Our in-house pharmacist took the opportunity to educate the attendees on arthritis using posters and visual aids. It was heartwarming to exchange conversations with the seniors about their health issues and medications. Some were looking for alternative treatment plans since theirs were not working well so we were able to suggest and cater a more suitable one.

It was a great turnout at the booth and we were able to engage with the crowd with most of the seniors showing interest in the products and information we have to offer. We were also able to experience a new culture by stepping in a Sikh temple for the first time and interacting with the attendees. We got to learn about many new things, for example their daily practices and how to wear the head coverings out of respect in the temple. Singapore is a land of diverse cultures and we should seek to understand each other and experience the different cultures.

About the organisers:

  • Singapore Khalsa Association

o An institution for Sikhs and the larger community to network and socialize with the objective to provide improvements of different aspects for its members, and for the advancement of education and well-being of scholars and of Sikh students from any school or schools in Singapore.

  • About SEWA HealthCare

o A group of like-minded healthcare professionals who have come together to provide a platform for volunteer service to the Sikh and the community at large. They aim to provide education, counselling and support to people with chronic and terminal. illnesses, as well as their families and the community to empower them to lead quality, healthy and productive lives.

About the collaborators:

  • Diabetes Singapore

o A non-profit organisation affiliated with the International Diabetes Federation and the National Council of Social Service with a mission to provide diabetes awareness, education and counselling to people with diabetes, their family members and the public.

  • The Central Sikh Gurdwara Board

o An institution that manages and operates the daily running of Singapore’s Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) with the mission to propagate Sikh teachings and values, strengthen Chardhi Kala spirit of community and raise awareness of Sikhs to others.


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