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Complete 7 Vitamin K2

Patented Vitamin K2 to support bone & heart health

Complete 7 Vitamin K2 comprehensively supports bone, cardiovascular and metabolic health. It contains MenaQ7®, a patented and clinically validated form of Vitamin K2 which provides superior bioavailability and better therapeutic benefits for our bones and heart.

Multifaceted health benefits for overall well-being

Patented MenaQ7® for greater bioavailability & efficacy

Mini sized capsules for ease of swallowing

Convenient once daily dosing

What is Complete 7 Vitamin K2?

Complete 7 Vitamin K2 is specially formulated with the patented and clinically validated MenaQ7®. Complete 7 Vitamin K2 supports and maintains bone, heart and metabolic health. Supplementation of Vitamin K also promotes a variety of other health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, for more comprehensive health support.[1]

MenaQ7® is a well-recognised, superior form of Vitamin K2 naturally derived from chickpea protein. Compared to other types of Vitamin K2, MenaQ7® has been clinically recognised for its enhanced bioavailability and better efficacy on the human body.[2]


Each capsule of Complete 7 Vitamin K2 provides the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin K at 90mcg.[3] Complete 7 Vitamin K2 is beneficial for people at risk of Vitamin K insufficiencies or deficiencies. It is also helpful for those at risk of common health conditions, such as Osteoporosis or coronary heart diseases, due to its extensive health benefits.[4] Thus, a convenient and hassle-free once daily dosing of Complete 7 Vitamin K2 is helpful for the maintenance of good health and general well-being.

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How does Complete 7 Vitamin K2 help?

Promotes strong, healthy bones

Supports healthy heart

Maintains healthy arteries & blood vessels 

Supports metabolic & cellular health

Why choose Complete 7 Vitamin K2?

Complete 7 Vitamin K2 contains the clinically recommended dose of Vitamin K in the patented form of MenaQ7®.[3] MenaQ7® is recognised as one of the most superior forms of Vitamin K2 available in health supplements.[2] With its enhanced bioavailability and better efficacy, Complete 7 Vitamin K2 supports and maintains various important systems of our bodies, including bones, heart and metabolic health.

Clinically validated & patented MenaQ7®

Free from common allergens

such as gluten, yeast, lactose, sugar, artificial coloring, flavouring, preservatives

Optimal source of Vitamin K2 to fill nutritional gaps


Made in GMP* certified facility in Holland for high quality & safety 



GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices are established regulations for manufacturers to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to high quality standards.


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