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2-in-1 optimised formula for stronger bones & overall health

Colecal® is a convenient 2-in-1 health supplement containing Vitamin D3 and Calcium to help support overall well-being across people of all ages, especially elderly and women. Vitamin D3 aids in the effective absorption of Calcium to provide more building blocks for healthier bones. Therefore, these synergistic nutrients in Colecal® provides a broad range of health benefits, including stronger bones and better immunity.

2-in-1 synergistic formula containing essential nutrients

Well-established benefits for bones & overall health

Catered for elderly & women

Convenient once daily dosing

What is Colecal®?

Colecal® is a convenient health supplement that promotes stronger bones as well as improves our immunity and overall health. Its 2-in-1 formula contains the synergistic combination of 800 I.U. Vitamin D3 and 1000mg Calcium Carbonate (equivalent to 400mg elemental Calcium) based on clinically recommended strengths.[1]

Calcium® plays a major role in regulating bone health while Vitamin D3 improves the rate of absorption and efficient delivery of Calcium to our bones. Vitamin D3 also supports immune health.[2] Hence, Colecal® is balanced with Vitamin D3 and Calcium to provide comprehensive health benefits for both our bones and bodies.

Colecal® is beneficial for people at risk of or have Vitamin D or Calcium insufficiency or deficiency. Deficiencies in these 2 essential nutrients may negatively impact our bone and immune health. Therefore, Colecal® provides a reliable source of clinically recommended dose of Vitamin D3 and Calcium Carbonate in a single tablet as part of a healthy diet.

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How does Colecal® help?

Maintains healthy, strong bones

Promotes immune health

Nurtures overall well-being

Why choose Colecal®?

Colecal® is a mineral and vitamin health supplement with a 2-in-1 synergistic formula of Vitamin D3 and Calcium. Colecal® promotes and maintains bone and immune health, along with providing other comprehensive health benefits. Each tablet provides the clinically recommended dose to help prevent Vitamin D3 and Calcium insufficiencies and deficiencies which are highly prevalent in today's society.[1] Therefore, Colecal® provides an extensive range of health benefits to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Synergistic combination of 800 I.U. Vitamin D3 & 400mg elemental Calcium

High safety & tolerability profile

Provides comprehensive support of overall health

Suitable for all ages, including adults & elderly

Convenient once daily dosing

Made in GMP* certified facility in USA for high quality


  • GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices are established regulations for manufacturers to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to high quality standards. 


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