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Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life by delivering evidence-based pharmaceutical drugs and health supplements that are of high quality, safety and efficacy.


About Miraco Nutripharm

Miraco Nutripharm prides itself as an established and trustworthy pharmaceutical distribution company. Established in Singapore since 2007, Miraco Nutripharm has extended its network and influence regionally, including to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Myanmar.


As one of the market leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Miraco Nutripharm collaborates closely with esteemed business partners, healthcare institutions and professionals to build a network of patient care across multiple medical disciplines and clinical specialities. By leveraging on innovative medical technologies and employing ethical sourcing, we stand to fulfil our promise of delivering pharmaceutical and healthcare products of high quality, safety and efficacy.


Our People

Our management team comprises of high performing individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets from Multi-National Companies. Apart from providing professional expertise and valuable market intelligence, they draw upon their international exposures and work experiences to inspire and guide our teams on strategic challenges to lead them forward in this dynamic economy.


With commitment and a strong sense of responsibility, our cohesive team of talented individuals strives for excellence in all that they do.


Our Services

Regulatory &

Quality Assurance

Our regulatory pharmacists are licensed with the Singapore Pharmacy Council and ensure that our products abide by high quality and safety standards, as well as comply with local and international regulations. 

Marketing &


Our marketing team stays ahead of industry developments and conducts competitive analysis to provide useful market insights and creative strategies tailored to the needs of our business partners.

Sales & Business Development

Our sales teams build close, professional relationships with healthcare practitioners to drive strong product awareness and create brand loyalty.

Warehousing & Delivery

Our warehouse and delivery team maintains an organised in-house warehouse system and ensures timely, responsible delivery of all our products.

Procurement & Processing

Our procurement team employs data analytics alongside relevant market knowledge to acquire safe, high quality pharmaceutical and

healthcare products from our trusted suppliers to benefit our community.

Finance & Accounting

Our finance team conducts regular financial analysis and forecasting to ensure accurate and updated budgetary management in line with audit practices.

Areas of Clinical Specialities

Miraco Nutripharm is proud to be the market leader of various innovative products in Orthopaedics, Geriatrics, Gastroenterology as well as Obstetrics & Gynaecology. As we actively expand into additional clinical specialities, we hope to benefit larger populations with our broad range of quality pharmaceutical products and health supplements.





Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Sports Medicine


General Surgery



General Medicine


Our Core Values


Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

Here at Miraco Nutripharm, we are devoted to delivering only the best therapies and services to our partners and communities.


As individuals, we take pride in our work to be the best for our company and community. We continuously refine our professional knowledge and skills by leveraging from experiences and staying abreast with the latest industry developments.


As a unified team, we recognise and tap on each team member’s insights and expertise to convert strategic goals into real results. In the increasingly complex ecosystem of the healthcare industry, we anticipate and act swiftly to deliver innovative and effective pharmaceutical and healthcare products to benefit our communities.

Our Promises


Extensive Industry Expertise & Outreach

Miraco Nutripharm has a strong presence in all restructured hospitals and multiple private specialist centers, polyclinics, General Practioner (GP) clinics and retail pharmacies in Singapore. Our established channel infrastructure allows our partners to tap into our extensive distribution network. Miraco Nutripharm provides a comprehensive range of specialised services, including regulatory support, marketing & distribution, sales & business development and warehouse & delivery operations.

Efficacy & Quality Guaranteed

We treat our people, partners and products responsibly. Each partner company is rigorously evaluated based on a mutual understanding of shared values, manufacturing capabilities and innovation potential. We then review each pharmaceutical product and health supplement based on clinical evidence and ensure that they are efficacious and safe. Finally, they are introduced to our communities with the patient's health in mind.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Through extensive market research and listening to timely consumer feedback, we are proud to build up a portfolio of our own in-house brands comprising of innovative, high quality pharmaceutical products and health supplements. In our pursuit of ethical and efficacious healthcare products, we are confident that we can improve people's lives by making better health a reality.

Our Roles

Healthcare Provider

As a healthcare provider, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and scientifically supported therapies backed by expert opinions and positive patient feedback to improve your health and quality of life.

Healthcare Provider

Business Partner

Business Partner

We closely collaborate with you to provide an extensive range of services that tap on our professional insights and our vast healthcare distribution network.




We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment, as well as developmental opportunities to hone your capabilities and skills.

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