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For quick relief of pain & swelling of joints & muscles

Ginflex™ is a natural therapy that promotes healthy cartilage, joints and muscles. Each Ginflex™ capsule is carefully formulated with 4 plant-based ingredients trusted for centuries and backed by modern science

4-in-1 optimised formula for quicker relief of pain

& inflammation

Contains AFLAPIN™ clinically shown to provide faster onset of action in 5 to 7 days

Includes CAVACURMIN® with 40 times better absorption

100% plant-based suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Natural, drug free therapy safer for elderly

What is Ginflex™?

Ginflex™ is a natural, 100% plant-based therapy for the maintenance of healthy joints and provides quick relief of pain, aches and strains. Its optimised formula contains 4 traditionally used natural active extracts of Winter Cherry, AFLAPIN™ Indian Frankincense, CAVACURMIN® Turmeric and Ginger. These 4 extracts are standardised and purified in a GMP* certified facility to ensure consistent high quality and purity in each Ginflex capsule.


Modern clinical research have shown that these 4 traditional plant-based extracts possess prompt and effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.[1,2,3,4] Therefore, Ginflex™ provides quick relief of pain and swelling along with the support of healthy, flexible joints.


How does Ginflex™ help?

Relieves pain,

aches & strains

Reduces inflammation

& swelling