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Engaging with Elderly Health at the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event: "Ginflex Booth Success"

Discover how Ginflex's booth at the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event made a positive impact on elderly participants, addressing their concerns and providing valuable health information.

Ginflex in collaboration with Doctor Chia and Doctor Nicholas recently supported the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event held at Queenstown multi service centre. This event aimed to offer free health checks to elderly individuals with bone and joint issues. With an interactive booth showcasing Ginflex’s honest reviews, brochures and products, the team had a wonderful opportunity to engage with the attendees, address their queries, and provide valuable information about the benefits of Ginflex to improve joint health.

Ginflex contains a 4-in-1 formula including 2 patented ingredients Aflapin and Cuvacurmin. Aflapin, our hero ingredient has multiple studies supporting its efficacy with faster onset action in 5 to 7 days. As we also wanted the attendees to experience the benefits of Ginflex, a free sample blister containing 10 capsules (10 days) was made available at the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event. After the attendees saw the doctors regarding their condition, they were invited to check out our Ginflex booth. They can then scan a QR code and participate in a quick survey to receive their complimentary sample. By taking advantage of this offer, attendees were poised to experience the potential benefits of Ginflex and the rapid relief it can provide.

Positive Elderly Interaction and Genuine Interest:

At the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event, we experienced heartwarming interactions with the elderly attendees. The elderly individuals showed genuine interest in the product, asking insightful questions about its indications and willingly participating in the campaign. Their enthusiasm for improving their bone and joint health was truly inspiring.

Doctors’ Appreciation and Collaborative Approach:

Dr. Chia and Dr. Nicholas expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Ginflex team for setting up the booth at the Queenstown Bone and Joint Event. They recognized the positive impact it had on the waiting time for elderly patients and the overall interaction experience. The doctors appreciated the samples provided by Ginflex and commended the team for their dedication in explaining the product's benefits and addressing the concerns of the elderly.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this meaningful event. The Ginflex team would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Chia, Dr. Nicholas, and the staff of the Queenstown Multi Service Center for giving us this chance. Your support and hospitality were greatly appreciated.


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