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Singapore Nurses Association x Miraco Nutripharm Webinar on Women’s Health & Self-Care for Nurses

Pro-Uro™ Community Outreach

In lieu of Nurses’ Day on the 1st of August, we collaborated with the Singapore Nurses Association to organise a webinar on Women’s Health & Self-Care. We believe in empowering women through public health education so that we can all take charge of our health together. Read on to find out more about this educational health webinar by Advanced Nurse Practitioners and our resident Pharmacist.

Miraco Nutripharm and Singapore Nurses Association Webinar Poster

Held on the 21st of August 2021, the “Women’s Health and Self-Care” webinar was a successful joint collaboration between the Singapore Nurses Association and Miraco Nutripharm. Close to 300 nurses tuned in to listen in on the array of interesting health topics including abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, birth control, and urogenital infections.

The first topic on abnormal uterine bleeding was covered by Ms Leng Shuang Shuang, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner from KK Hospital. Ms Leng spoke about the multiple causes of abnormal bleeding that ranged from blood coagulation disorders to endometrial cancer. She stressed that it is important to investigate the underlying cause of abnormal uterine bleeding so that the right medical treatment can be prescribed to patients.

The next speaker was Ms Zhong Yu Ting, also an Advanced Nurse Practitioner from KKH, who spoke about the different types of ovarian cysts and how commonly they are experienced in women. How would you know if you have ovarian cysts? Ms Zhong stated that although ovarian cysts can be asymptomatic in some cases, others may experience pain or pelvic pressure. Hence, she emphasized the importance of women going for regular health checkups and seeking prompt medical advice when needed.

Pro-Uro in a webinar

Ms Wu Yi Ping’s topic on contraception was yet another interesting one as she elaborated on the various types of birth control methods available; with abstinence being the most effective yet… The audience learned about the pros and cons of different birth controls, which may appeal to different individuals. Did you know that some birth controls, such as birth control pills or spermicides, may increase the risk of getting urogenital infections? Ms Wu, an experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner, urged women to consult healthcare professionals for the most suitable form of birth control as they will take into consideration the factors surrounding your lifestyle and medical history.

Pharmacist Timothy Choo presenting on Urogenital infections
Mr Timothy, a Pharmacist, advising on the prevention tips that can be done to prevent UTI.

The final speaker, Mr Timothy who is a Registered Pharmacist, presented on urogenital infections in women. He detailed about the 3 common urogenital infections which are yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections (UTI). Apart from sharing about the different symptoms of each urogenital infection, he also shared useful prevention tips such as avoiding use of vaginal douches and wiping from front to back in the toilet. In terms of treatment options, clinically proven probiotics L. rhamnosus GR-1™ and L. reuteri RC-14™ in Pro-Uro™ could play a huge role in helping to manage and prevent urogenital infections. The probiotic combination strains GR-1TM and RC-14TM can help manage urogenital infections by inhibiting the adhesion of harmful bacteria, producing anti-bacterial compounds, and also by promoting a healthy bacterial flora. Unlike medical drugs with potential side effects, GR-1TM and RC-14TM probiotic strains are safe to be taken for the long term and they do not increase antibiotic resistance.

It was heartwarming to receive so much positive feedback and appreciation from the nurse participants after close to a month’s worth of effort in poster design, program planning, and coordination of the registration process.

A huge shoutout to Singapore Nurses Association as well as Ms Rajam and her team for being so collaborative and fun-loving; It was definitely a pleasure working with them. Due to the overwhelming response, we will also be bringing you articles written by the speakers themselves. So do keep a lookout for them!

A big thank you to all the nurses out there for your service to our community.

Group of people in a webinar photo
A virtual and heartwarming group photo with the great audience.


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