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NHG Retail Pharmacy Seminar – Healthier SG starts with Me

Miraco Nutripharm is glad to be a proud partner of the National Health Group (NHG) Pharmacy Retail Seminar 2022. This seminar is held biennially in collaboration with various healthcare suppliers or allied healthcare professionals. The theme of this year’s NHG retail seminar is “Healthier SG starts with Me”, as it focuses on empowering individuals with important information on how to better care for themselves & their health. The participants of the retail seminar extended to NHG pharmacy staff, NHG pharmacy outpatient, NHG headquarter staff & NHG pharmacy nurses as well. Close to 150 participants attended the seminar on 26th November.

NHG pharmacy is a business unit of National Healthcare Group, managing the pharmacy & retail pharmacies at their 6 polyclinics in Singapore. NHG Pharmacy aims to educate their customers & empower them to take charge of their health. The retail pharmacies are conveniently located in the heartland areas & offer an array of affordable healthcare essentials carefully selected by their pharmacists & merchandise team.

This year, Miraco Nutripharm has also newly listed 2 probiotic products in NHG Pharmacy - Pro-Gut™ & Pro-Uro™. Some of Miraco’s products carried by NHG pharmacy include Ginflex™ & Muscalax®

Pro-Gut™ - Scientifically developed multi-strain probiotics with a prebiotic for gut & overall health. Pro-Gut™ is a natural synbiotic which contains a minimum of 9 billion CFU of live bacteria to promote healthy gut microflora.

Pro-Uro™ - World’s most well documented probiotics – Gr-1® & RC-14® for women’s urogenital health with over 60 scientific publications & 30 human clinical trials.

As part of our continued efforts to educate & share our knowledge about our products & general health, our in-house pharmacist gave an educational talk about our 2 newly listed probiotics & shared about basic product information, benefits & how these 2 different probiotics can help improve our health.

The first probiotic our pharmacist presented was on Pro-Gut™ - Scientifically developed probiotic for a healthy human gut. She shared about the 4 main groups of probiotics that are present in Pro-gut™ which are Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus & Streptococcus.

Bifidobacterium probiotics in Pro-Gut™ is important for maintenance of optimal gut health. It also encourages smoother bowel movements & helps reduce constipation. Lactobacillus probiotics in Pro-Gut™ encourages the growth of good bacteria & inhibits growth of bad bacteria to promote a healthy balance of gut microflora. Lactococcus probiotics possess antimicrobial properties to prevent infectious diarrhea & other gut disorders caused by harmful bacteria. Lastly, streptococcus probiotics helps to reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance & reinforces immune health with its anti-inflammatory properties. These 4 groups of probiotics are specifically selected as they work together to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria & better stimulate the immune system of the gut. Pro-Gut™ is a synbiotic as it also contains a prebiotic which helps increase the survivability of the probiotics for better efficacy.

Our in-house Pharmacist also shared that Pro-Gut™ is suitable for consumers who want to maintain or restore optimal gut health. Pro-Gut™ is also able to help relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Traveller’s Diarrhea (TD).

The next probiotic our in-house pharmacist shared about is Pro-Uro™ - Clinically proven probiotics for women’s urogenital health.

Our Pharmacist also shared about the 3-step process that the 2 probiotic strains in Pro-Uro™ take to inhibit bad bacteria & increase the amount of good bacteria in the urogenital tract. GR-1® & RC-14® probiotic strains in Pro-Uro™ compete with bad bacteria for important nutrients & space needed to grow. They also enhance immune defense against harmful bacteria by producing antimicrobial agents.

Pro-Uro™ is suitable for women including teenagers above 16 years old as well as pregnant women with at least 8 weeks of gestation. It is also free of common allergens & halal certified.

Although newly listed in NHG pharmacy, both Pro-Uro™ & Pro-Gut™ are well-established brands & have been used by medical professionals for many years with good patient & physician feedback.

The sharing during the NHG Pharmacy Retail Seminar Breakout Sessions was warmly received by the participants who were engaged & interested to know more about Pro-Gut™ & Pro-Uro™. Feedback from the participants were positive & we had the opportunity to answer any questions that the retail staff might have during the breakout session.

Miraco Nutripharm would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the organising team for the NHG Pharmacy Retail Seminar for the opportunity to share about Pro-Gut™ & Pro-Uro™ & their related health conditions. Our team collaborates with key healthcare institutions to educate & share both product & healthcare knowledge to hopefully improve the lives of patients & consumers alike. If you would like to know more about Pro-Gut™, Pro-Uro™ or any of our healthcare products, do contact us through our enquiry form or drop us an email at


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