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Miraco Nutripharm x Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic

Miraco Nutripharm is glad to be a supporting partner of the Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic located at Queenstown Multi-Service Centre. Located at Mei Chin Road, the centre serves as a place that provides affordable & quality health care services to its residents including the elderly.

The Bone & Joint health Clinic was started since 2012 on a pro-bono basis by Dr Chia Shi Lu, & Dr Nicholas Yeo, Senior consultants at Singapore General Hospital that specialises in orthopaedic surgery. Dr Chia was also a former politician, serving as a Member of Parliament of Tanjong Pagar GRC for Queenstown from 2011 to 2020. The clinic specialises in treating elderly residents experiencing musculoskeletal problems. The doctors will see their patients & prescribe different health products such as supplements, medicines or creams best suited for their condition.

The pro-bono clinic resumed after the Covid-19 lockdown, much to the delight of the elderly residents who were enquiring when will the clinic resume. The Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic is a well-received initiative amongst the residents as the location is convenient for them & they can receive trusted advice from the doctors & volunteers at the clinic.

As a strong supporter of such a great cause, Miraco Nutripharm is glad to sponsor 4 of our reputable Bone & Joint health supplements & cream. The products are Ginflex™, Colecal, GS1 & Muscalax.

Ginflex™: A 4-in-1 optimised formula for quick relief of pain & inflammation of joints & muscles. It is a natural plant-based therapy trusted for centuries & backed by modern science.

Colecal: a 2-in-1 combination of Vitamin D3 & Calcium Carbonate. It is formulated as a convenient once daily dosing to deliver a sufficient amount of Vitamin D3 & Calcium Carbonate you need daily in a single pill.

GS1: A unique plant-based Glucosamine Sulphate derived from corn for healthy joints & cartilage. Glucosamine Sulphate is clinically proven to promote & maintain healthy joints & cartilage as well as manage symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA)

Muscalax: A topical analgesic balm to relieve pain & inflammation for muscles & joints. It is formulated with 3 well-established pain relieving & anti-inflammatory ingredients with good safety profile.

Since the pro-bono clinic mainly serves the elderly, we took into consideration of the ingredients & suitability of the products such that it is convenient for them to take once daily & is safe for their consumption & use. These products mainly target common issues like Osteoporosis, OA as well as muscle & joint pain.

It was a heartening sight to see the doctors & volunteers patiently aiding the elderly in need for bone & joint care consultation. We are honoured to be a sponsor of this pro-bono clinic as a way to give back to the community & those who are in need.

Miraco Nutripharm would like to thank the Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic for this opportunity to sponsor our products for the clinic. If you would like to learn more about Ginflex™, Colecal, GS1 or Muscalax or any of our wide range of products, do contact us through our enquiry form or drop us an email at


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