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KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital Pharmacy Week 2022

Miraco Nutripharm is glad to be a sponsor for Pharmacy Week 2022 at KK Women’s & Children’s hospital (KKH). Pharmacy Week is a yearly event celebrated across healthcare institutions in Singapore. It aims to raise awareness of the roles of Pharmacists in the healthcare industry. The theme of this year’s Pharmacy Week is “Empowering A Healthier You”, aiming to empower patients to take ownership of our own health & have a better understanding about medications, which is in conjunction with World Patient Safety Day.

KK Women’s & Children’s hospital is the largest hospital in Singapore specialising in healthcare for women & children with 830 bed & a leader in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics & Neonatology. To show our appreciation for Pharmacists for the important work & contributions to our healthcare institutions, we have sponsored BioDrop™ - clinically proven probiotic drops containing Bifidobacterium BB-12® for KKH’s Pharmacy Week.

BioDrop™: Clinically proven probiotic drops for Gut & Immune Health. BioDrop™ is suitable for populations all ages from pre-term infants to elderly. It contains the world’s most well researched Bifidobacterium BB-12®.

As KKH is a women’s & children’s hospital, we took into consideration the demographic of patients who are visiting the hospital. BioDrop™ comes in liquid form which is convenient & dispenses from a hygienic dropper, making it easy to administer to children & adults alike.

There was a great turnout at the Pharmacy week carnival at KKH, with children & adults streaming in through the doors during lunchtime to play carnival games & interact with the Pharmacists on duty. There were 4 distinct booths at the event, each showcasing a different aspect of a Pharmacist’s job or educating the public to take ownership of their medications.

The first booth that caught the eyes of the public as they walk in was a mini games booth aiming to educate & encourage accountability towards medication. The medicines were represented as colourful beads that were dropped into cups indication the different days & time. Medication can be distributed into a pill box such that it is easier for the patient to remember what medications need to be taken & which hours of the day. This interactive booth was a hit with young children who were attracted to the colourful beads. Adults also took a particular interest in the educational aspect of it.

The booth beside it had a simple game to educate the public on where medications are to be stored. The Pharmacist will provide an image of Over The Counter (OTC) or common medications that may be prescribed. The participant would have to guess where the medication should be stored & throw a bean bag into the correct bin situated in front of them.

The Pharmacy Week carnival at KKH also allowed the public to gain insights on how Pharmacist prepare medication for children who are unable to swallow pills or need a medication dose that is unavailable commercially. We were introduced to a process called extemporaneous compounding, where pills are crushed & mixed in a liquid thoroughly. The mixture topped up with the liquid to its final volume & is then funnelled into jars. Many participants were fascinated by a video showing the process & how the medication is prepared. It also showed a glimpse into the daily duties of a Pharmacist practicing at KKH.

The event was an enjoyable experience for all ages, engaging children & adults in a fun yet educational way. It was a great way for the public to better understand the role of a Pharmacist in healthcare institutions & to gain knowledge on how to be responsible with their medication.

At the end of it all, there was a photo booth available for the public to don cute props & hold little signages to take photos. It was a great way to remember the fun and memories made during the carnival & wrap up the enriching experience.

Miraco Nutripharm would like to thank KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital for the opportunity to support the KKH 2022 Pharmacy Week carnival. We would also like to thank all Pharmacists in the healthcare industry for their work they have done!

If you would like to know more about BioDrop™ or any of our wide range of products, do contact us through our enquiry form or drop us an email at


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