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Alcohol-free cough syrup with dried ivy leaf extract

Prospera® is a natural cough syrup to help against all kinds of cough. It contains dried ivy leaf extract as the active ingredient, which is well-documented for its mucolytic, spasmolytic, bronchodilatory and anti-bacterial properties to soothe dry and inflamed throats. Dried ivy leaf extract is suitable and well-tolerated by people of all age groups, including children, adults and elderly.

Alcohol-free, non-drowsy cough syrup

Multifaceted action provides soothing relief of cough

Contains natural honey for pleasant taste

Suitable for children, adults & elderly 

What is Prospera®?

Prospera® is formulated with natural dried ivy leaf extract (Hederae folii extractum siccum) in an alcohol-free oral solution. This non-drowsy cough syrup soothes dry, irritated throats and chesty lungs as well as protects our airways from harmful infections and inflammation. It helps ease unpleasant symptoms of various coughs by supporting mucus removal and improving our lung functions. Dried ivy leaf extract has a well-established and clinically supported safety profile.[1] It is suitable for people of all ages including children, adults and elderly. Therefore, Prospera® helps relieve cough and irritated throats as well as alleviates common respiratory infections.


How does Prospera® help?

Soothes dry & irritated throats


chest congestion

Loosens & clears mucus

Protects against common respiratory infections

Why choose Prospera® ?

Prospera® provides a soothing, non-drowsy formulation of dried ivy leaf extract to help in the clearance of mucus as well as relieve dry, irritated throats and airways. This key active ingredient has been clinically proven to provide comprehensive support to ease problematic respiratory systems as well as help manage common airway infections.[2] Unlike most cough syrups in the market, Prospera® is safe for use in children, adults and elderly without the risk of common side effects like drowsiness or dependence. 

Alcohol-free & non-drowsy cough syrup

Contains natural honey for pleasant taste

Helps relieves

all kinds of cough

Well-established safety & tolerability profiles

Combined effect of mucolytic, spasmolytic, bronchodilatory & anti-bacterial properties 

Suitable for children, adults & elderly


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