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Allergen free, multi-strain probiotics for gut health

Pro-Gut™ is an established, natural synbiotic therapy to promote and maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora. It also helps relieve the symptoms of a wide range of common digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acute diarrhoea & traveller’s diarrhoea. Being a synbiotic, Pro-Gut™ contains a scientifically developed blend of 8 allergen free probiotic strains and a prebiotic for better efficacy. These probiotic strains work by enhancing good bacterial count to restore and maintain healthy gut function.

100% natural synbiotic therapy for healthy gut function

Formula of 8 allergen free, strain-specific probiotics

9 billion CFU of live bacteria per capsule

No refrigeration required for ease of storage

What is Pro-Gut™?

Pro-Gut™ is an established, natural synbiotic therapy that promotes a healthy balance of digestive flora for optimal gut health. It also helps relieve the symptoms of a broad range of common digestive disorders.


The optimised formula of Pro-Gut™ contains 8 allergen free, strain-specific live probiotics. Supported by the prebiotic Inulin, Pro-Gut™ naturally reinforces intestinal functions by populating our gastrointestinal tract with beneficial, essential bacteria. A healthy and balanced gut also enhances immunity by protecting our bodies against harmful bacteria, toxins and allergens, thus leading to our overall well-being. 

Pro-Gut™ is safe and beneficial for all ages, including children, adults and elderly, who wish to maintain or improve their gut health. The probiotic strains are free of common allergens including gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, soybeans, milk (including lactose) and nuts. Pro-Gut™ is specially formulated in a vegetable capsule and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, thus is suitable for vegetarians. For patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules, Pro-Gut™ capsule can be opened for consumption


How does Pro-Gut™ help?

Maintains healthy balance of digestive flora

Regulates normal bowel movements

Relieves common symptoms of digestive disorders

like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acute diarrhoea & traveller’s diarrhoea


immune health

Why choose Pro-Gut™? 

With an increasing number of probiotic supplements, it is important to choose the product with the best intended benefits to meet your health needs. As an optimised synbiotic therapy with 8 live probiotic strains and prebiotic, Pro-Gut™ provides a wide range of clinically proven health benefits for our digestive and immune systems. It is a well-established and safe probiotic supplement with more than 10 years of physician use and positive patient feedback. Pro-Gut™ helps restore the balance of favourable bacteria in our gut while preventing the growth of bad bacteria. Therefore, this synbiotic therapy helps to support an active, healthy gut and immune system for better overall well-being. 

Trusted choice widely prescribed by medical specialists

8 allergen free, strain-specific live probiotics

Promotes a balanced digestive flora for healthy gut & enhanced immunity

Made in Canada for

high quality & safety

100% natural, drug-free

 synbiotic therapy

No refrigeration required for convenient storage


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