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BENGAY® Merhem

Non-greasy pain relieving cream for muscles & joints

BENGAY® Greaseless is a trusted topical pain relief cream for muscles and joints. This non-greasy cream contains 2 established and safe analgesic ingredients for strong penetrating pain relief - Methyl Salicylate and Menthol. They possess scientifically proven analgesic, anti-inflammatory and counterirritant effects to help with various muscle and joint pains.

Topical cream with 2 widely used analgesic ingredients

Provides deep penetrating pain relief of muscles & joints

Non-greasy formula suitable for daily use

Convenient tube for easy application on-the-go

What is BENGAY® Greaseless?

BENGAY® Greaseless is specially formulated as a pain relief cream for everyday use. It contains 2 well-established common pain relieving ingredients - Methyl Salicylate and Menthol. This topical analgesic cream rapidly absorbs into our skin, providing quick and effective pain relief to our affected muscles and joints. It also helps to relieve strains, sprains as well as arthritis pain.

As a non-greasy topical cream, BENGAY® Greaseless can be directly applied to the affected area(s) to provide localised, soothing action. This light cream is rapidly absorbed into our skin with no sticky or oily finish. It penetrates deep into our muscles and joints to alleviate pain while providing a calming cool and warm sensation that many like.

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How does BENGAY® Greaseless help?

BENGAY® Greaseless temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

Simple backache





Why choose BENGAY® Greaseless?

For daily pain relief of muscles and joints, BENGAY® Greaseless is a trusted and established topical cream of choice. BENGAY® Greaseless contains 2 well-established analgesic ingredients at optimal strengths for rapid absorption and quick localised pain relief. Its non-greasy formulation also allows for quick, easy, stain-free application.

Renowned, trusted

BENGAY® brand 

Suitable for different types & areas of pain

Commonly prescribed by medical specialists

Soothing warm & cooling sensations to ease aches & pains

Greaseless pain relieving cream with localised action

Convenient tube for easy application on-the-go


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