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Natural Olive Leaf extract to support cardiovascular health

Oleaf32 is specially packed with 32% Oleuropein, a natural polyphenol and antioxidant to support cardiovascular health. Oleuropein is clinically proven to be a safe and multi-targeted approach to help improve blood lipid profile and plasma antioxidant status. The special Soluphenol™ extraction method used in Oleaf32 allows Oleuropein to be 100% water soluble with superior bioavailability in our body. Therefore, Oleaf32 provides a standardised and stable Olive Leaf extract for extensive health benefits, especially for heart health. 

Safe & natural supplement for a heart-healthy diet & lifestyle

2-in-1 action improves blood lipid profile & lowers lipid oxidation 

Soluphenol™ extraction of Oleuropein for enhanced bioavailability

Convenient once daily dosing 


What is Oleaf32? 

Oleaf32 is formulated with a clinically researched, unique Olive Leaf extract that supports cardiovascular health. It contains 32% Oleuropein, the most abundant and beneficial polyphenol found in olive oil. As a potent antioxidant, Oleuropein is backed by scientific research showing it helps prevent cellular damage and promote stronger cardiovascular health.[1,2]

Oleuropein is specially extracted from olive oil, the most popular and important dietary lipid and component of the Mediterranean diet. This healthy, sustainable dietary pattern is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its association with increased life expectancy as well as a lower risk of common cardiovascular diseases.[3] Therefore, taking one capsule of Oleaf32 once daily allows us to conveniently reap its diverse health benefits for our heart and overall well-being.

How does Oleaf32 help? 

Promotes & supports

good cardiovascular health

Lowers high

cholesterol levels

Improves plasma antioxidant status

Why choose Oleaf32?

Oleuropein in olive oil has been scientifically researched to help improve cardiovascular health and lower mortality.[1] However, this requires the impractical consumption of a large amount of olive oil to obtain a sustainable amount of oleuropein for its cardioprotective effects. Therefore, Oleaf32 is formulated as a Dried Olive Leaf extract standardised with a highl and stable content of 32% Oleuropein. By providing the same beneficial effects as olive oil, Oleaf32 helps to promote and manage good cardiovascular health due to its strong antioxidant capabilities.

2-in-1 action of Oleuropein clinically proven to improve heart health

Suitable for

vegetarians & vegans

Patented Soluphenol™ extraction method for superior bioavailability [4]

Convenient once daily dosing

Provides health benefits from heart-healthy Mediterranean diet

Made in GMP certified facility in France for

high safety & quality


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